Great overview and organisaton of volunteers

If you have willing personnel who are readily prepared to jump in and help out during events, there is a feature in our booking system that enables the volunteers themselves to book their own passes.

The individual responsible acquires quick and simple access to the planning and gains a clearer overview, if changes are needed. Using this system, it is possible to communicate smoothly with the volunteer, via SMS, e-mail, or web page. It is also possible to connect volunteer management with the event’s web page and app, so volunteers may view their activities in terms of location, time etc.

  • Simple for volunteers to book their own shifts themselves
  • Clear overview and control for you as organiser
  • Easy to enter the system to make changes regarding planning
  • Communicate easily with volunteers via SMS, e-mail or Internet
  • Facility to connect the volunteer with the event via an app
  • The app provides effective control of the activities in which the volunteer is to participate, regarding location, time etc.

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Boost opportunities for exchange and networking

Coordinating and planning meetings manually is both time-consuming and costly. When the Delegia B2B Matchmaking feature completes the puzzle on your behalf, you save time. As an organiser, you can contribute actively to enhancing any networking that takes place between the participants attending your event, regardless of whether it concerns business networking, meetings for investors, professional trade associations or speed dating.

You can match meetings to maximise results and view the interests and schedules of participants. You can also book meeting venues and enable participants to send messages to each other. After having created the matchmaking parameters, it is just to let the system do the job of matching all the meetings for you.

  • Time-saving meeting matching
  • Effective planning
  • Easy to match participants with one other
  • Easily adaptable to schedule requirements and interests
  • Meeting venue-booking facility
  • Support to enable messaging between participants
  • Enhancement of networking and exchanges between participants
  • Efficient administration with digital management

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Get your participants involved, with interactive tools in their smartphones

Nowadays, participants at events want to feel involved with the meeting they are attending. They want to be in the thick of it, voting, influencing, asking questions and interacting with others.

Using Delegia Interaction as an app in the participants’ own smartphones enables them to vote live and pose questions during the event. The phones function as an upgraded version of previous interactive tools and are an effective alternative to the otherwise complicated show of hands.

With assistance from Delegia Interaction and Gamification, you can create motivational and engaging drills and exercises which inspire participation from even the younger attendees present, likely to be more accustomed to gaming. By using Gamification, you can activate the participants at both a team and an individual level. This is an excellent tool for clarifying company mission statements and breaking them down into more concrete objectives, to raise awareness of the company’s values, culture and KPIs, for example.

Delegia Vote enables participants to vote live during a meeting, via a unit of their own choice such as a laptop or smartphone. It is possible also to participate remotely and to vote by proxy. This requires that the unit being used has a web browser and an Internet connection. It is possible to arrange live voting by way of a button option, with your own texting on the buttons. You can also carry out voting with weighted voting and hold secret ballots with the possibility for number of votes and abstentions. Delegia Vote has support for priority listing. Units may be hired from us if preferred.

  • Features enabling integration with event participants
  • Delegia Interaction turns a smartphone into an interactive tool
  • Participants are able to vote live and ask questions during the meeting
  • Delegia Gamification engages participants in a gaming form
  • Pedagogical tool for reaching out with objectives, KPIs and more
  • Delegia Vote simplifies voting and re-voting
  • Facility to allow a number of elections and secret ballots
  • Priority listing
  • You yourself set the text on your voting form
  • Facility to hire units from Delegia when required

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Let participants find their places without stress or confusion

Finding one’s way around in a large dining area, to the right table and seat, can be really rather confusing. Many people also find the experience troublesome, wandering around reading placement cards in order to find their places. And the later one arrives at the venue, the more embarrassing it feels. But, you can help your participants find their way.

In Delegia’s booking system, there is a drag-and-drop feature, which simplifies the job of arranging seating for your participants. While the guests are enjoying an aperitif or being checked into the event, you receive information regarding which guests have arrived. This means you can work with the seating arrangement process, including perhaps moving the position of some participants, right up until when the guests are about to take their seats at table. You can then also send out information on the seating via SMS to all respective guests. No one needs to feel confused and the risk of guests wandering around the venue looking for their respective places is minimised, to the relief of both guests and host.

  • Help your participants find their right places
  • Seating arrangement using drag-and-drop feature
  • Notification feature to inform of the arrival of each guest
  • Facilitates overview of those who have arrived
  • Facility to modify and adapt seating arrangement right up until seats are taken
  • Support enabling notification of each respective guest’s seating arrangement via SMS

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Let the exhibitors display their products in a digital directory

As an organiser using our booking system, you are able easily to create a digital directory before an event, exhibition, conference or congress. The directory is created at the same time as the exhibitors input the information they wish to feature in the digital directory and the material is then displayed on the exhibition’s event page. Here, it is possible to insert product ranges, product pages, logos and press releases. As the meeting organiser, you yourself choose the features that your particular exhibitor directory is to contain.

Handling your leads and new contracts

With assistance from Delegia Expo Manager, you can gather the leads from your expo stand using your smartphone or tablet. If you have a lot of visitors on your stand or event, there is always the risk that you may not have time to speak to everyone.

With our feature, it is easy for you to follow up on who has met with whom on the stand. You can categorise your visitors and easily call up useful information, thus enabling you to work your leads. It will thus be easier to follow up new contacts, which in turn means that the investment you make to exhibit at the event is more readily reconciled with a positive result.

  • Create a digital exhibitor’s directory for all participants
  • The event organiser determines the framework of the material to be contained in the directory
  • Every exhibitor is able to easily input individual data
  • Space to include product areas, product pages, logos and press releases
  • The directory is presented on the expo’s event page
  • Efficient management of leads and new contacts visiting the stand

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Update your participants via a dedicated event app

Give your event its own app! With the Delegia Mobile feature, your participants can view the entire content of your event on their smartphones, from the agenda and seminars, to maps and tickets. Or they can participate in interactive elements such as meeting booking, live voting and Twitter feeds.

There is no need for your participants to download a special app in advance of an event. You simply send out a link to your app via e-mail and/or SMS to every participant. They just click on the link in the message. The link is easily saved as a bookmark in the smartphone and may also be added with its own icon, to the phone’s home screen. It is an environmentally friendly and practical way of updating your participants and as the organiser, you save both paper and printing costs.

  • Delegia Mobile is an app customised for your event
  • You choose the information it will contain
  • Send invitations to the app via e-mail or SMS before the event
  • The app is opened via a link, with no need for further downloads
  • Bookmark it in the smartphone
  • The app also simplifies interaction with the participants during the event
  • Save money and the environment with lower printing costs and reduced paper consumption

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We help you with your event on-site

We are specialists in meeting registration and, for you as a customer, we are very happy to be present on-site, during your event. This means that we bring bar code readers, laptops and technicians. We set up a helpdesk and are available there to offer you support on-site. We optimise the logistics in position, and we have considerable experience of on-site management, with both smaller and larger events.

Our booking system, Delegia Meeting System, is developed as a result of our own experiences in the meeting industry and they comprise the best tools for simple entry and participant management. You yourself are able to create name tags, handle check-ins with or without scanners, raise statistics on visitor numbers and much more. In order to further simplify the management of participants on-site, we have created an app – Delegia Scan. You can download the app to your mobile, log into the system, select the desired project and scan the participants’ codes. It’s also possible to connect Delegia Scan to a printer, to enable the printing of name tags.

  • Support available directly at the entrance, for the best possible logistics
  • Bar code readers, laptops and technicians on-site
  • Our helpdesk is there to support you
  • Efficient tool for entry and participant management
  • Delegia Scan, our app for simplified management of participants
  • You can manage simple confirmations, print out name tags and tickets
  • Scan the participants’ code numbers with the app
  • Print name tags easily by connecting the app to printers

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Flexible solutions with invoice, e-invoice or payment card

There are today many new technical solutions enabling smooth administration of financial transactions and recovery of payments. Delegia collaborates with DIBS regarding on-line payments. Delegia’s system can be integrated with various financial systems.

With our solutions for management of the financial aspects in advance of your events, courses, exhibitions and congresses, you can handle payments with debit/credit cards and invoices. We would be pleased to assist with outsourced billing, e-invoicing and various integrations, as well as reporting. When an event attracts an entrance fee, you simply insert the information regarding the options for payment in the registration form. You can also adapt the system to tot up all additional options selected by the participant prior to payment.

  • Online payments in collaboration with DIBS
  • Our functions can be integrated with other financial systems
  • Invoices, e-invoices and card payments are all supported
  • Registration forms are adapted for events where payment is required from participants
  • Automatic summation of selected additional options
  • Delegia also offers outsourced billing service
  • Assistance with e-invoicing, integration and reporting

Let your participants pay with their payment cards

Your participants can pay their registration fees and other event costs with their credit or debit cards. There is a feature available to add to our booking system which supports card payments. We collaborate with DIBS for smooth and efficient online payments. The participant inserts his card details into the field you have created for this in the registration document. As the participant continues inputting information, our server contacts DIBS who then forward the enquiry to the respective bank for approval of the payment. Irrespective of whether the bank card in use is a national or international one, the payment will not be cleared if there are insufficient funds in the account or if the card is locked.

Print out an invoice or create an e-invoice

From the invoicing feature in our booking system, you the administrator send simple invoices to your customers. You can choose yourself how you wish to send the invoice. If the recipient is registered to receive e-invoices, it is possible to send an e-invoice. If the recipient would rather receive an invoice in the post, you can choose this option and can also send an invoice as a PDF file via e-mail.

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Create your own surveys and reminders

Using our booking system, you can easily create surveys and evaluation forms, in the same way that you set up registration forms. You need only your web browser and user account! You yourself select the colour, layout and number of pages for the survey. There is space to insert help texts in the fill-in fields, thus making it easier for the person completing the survey. You can create  various kinds of question; everything from common text questions to rating questions and questions where the responder is to provide score assessments. With the assistance provided by this function, you can also manage reminders.

Recipients of the survey could for example be those who have attended your activity. The answers you receive can then be compiled in reports and diagrams, based upon the questions you have posed.


  • Simple tool for creating surveys, forms for evaluation and reminders
  • You do the design and choose the colour, layout and number of pages
  • Facility for creating various types of questions; text questions, rating and score assessments
  • Easier to manage reminders
  • Report documentation and diagrams based upon the answers you receive

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