Great overview and organisaton of volunteers

If you have willing personnel who are readily prepared to jump in and help out during events, there is a feature in our booking system that enables the volunteers themselves to book their own passes.

The individual responsible acquires quick and simple access to the planning and gains a clearer overview, if changes are needed. Using this system, it is possible to communicate smoothly with the volunteer, via SMS, e-mail, or web page. It is also possible to connect volunteer management with the event’s web page and app, so volunteers may view their activities in terms of location, time etc.

  • Simple for volunteers to book their own shifts themselves
  • Clear overview and control for you as organiser
  • Easy to enter the system to make changes regarding planning
  • Communicate easily with volunteers via SMS, e-mail or Internet
  • Facility to connect the volunteer with the event via an app
  • The app provides effective control of the activities in which the volunteer is to participate, regarding location, time etc.

Would you like to know more about how easy it is to manage volunteers with this feature? Get in touch with us now!