Our Award-Winning tool for registration and bookings

At Delegia, we love great registration solutions. With a well designed registration process, really successful events are created. It is at the registration stage that you have the opportunity to gather all the information that will be useful later on in the administration. With our system, you manage both simple and really qualified registration solutions. We have made it easy for you as a customer to retain control of all your events. You subscribe to our booking system and then adapt your subscription to our selection of various features when the need arises.

Using a user-friendly drag-and-drop function, it is easy for you yourself to design forms for registration, booking and notification. You select the number of pages for the form, to ensure you have space for all the information you wish the participants to provide. This can be about anything from the activities or lectures in which they wish to participate, to details concerning hotel booking, meal preferences and payment alternatives. You can also add a field for contact details and a space for any other information you may require.


  • Smooth handling of registration, booking and notifications
  • You build and lay out the registration form yourself
  • Simple design with drag-and-drop function
  • The form can have a varying number of pages, depending upon the activity
  • The better prepared the registration process is, the greater the possibility of a successful event
  • Use the form to gather information on requirements concerning hotel accommodation, meals, lectures and much more
  • Acquire information concerning payment options

Organise your meetings in Delegia Organizer Area

To organise the system itself and to continuously monitor mailing dates, response rates, bookings, payments etc., you work with Delegia Organizer Area, which you log into via the Internet. There you will find an overview of all the information and statistics concerning your project and you can extract the statistics you need as well as the reports you require from the system. You save details relating to your participants and activities in one place and thus have complete control of information relating to previous events. This enables you to be well prepared for next year’s event.


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