Simple and structured hotel reservation management

Using Delegia’s Meeting System, it is easy to manage the various hotel reservation alternatives.

If you are setting up a big event and expecting a lot of participants and visitors, there may be a need to arrange bookings at several different hotels. This would be a nightmare to manage manually, and can be done much more efficiently and methodically in our system. There, you can manage room allocation per hotel without any issues, even if there are varying room rates at the hotel and differing guest numbers in each room. You can even extract reports and lists, which you can share with potential partners, for example to ensure that everyone involved has information to hand regarding hotel allocation and respective room numbers.

  • Avoid tricky and time-consuming manual management
  • In Delegia Meeting System, you are able to handle various hotel accommodation options and requirements
  • Get a clear overview, with everything tidy and in good order
  • Manage room allocation simply, even if the rate for various rooms and number of guests per room is at variance
  • Extract reports and lists
  • Retain control of room allocation and room numbers

Would you like to know more about how our features facilitate the management of hotel reservations for you? Get in touch with us now!