We help you with your event on-site

We are specialists in meeting registration and, for you as a customer, we are very happy to be present on-site, during your event. This means that we bring bar code readers, laptops and technicians. We set up a helpdesk and are available there to offer you support on-site. We optimise the logistics in position, and we have considerable experience of on-site management, with both smaller and larger events.

Our booking system, Delegia Meeting System, is developed as a result of our own experiences in the meeting industry and they comprise the best tools for simple entry and participant management. You yourself are able to create name tags, handle check-ins with or without scanners, raise statistics on visitor numbers and much more. In order to further simplify the management of participants on-site, we have created an app – Delegia Scan. You can download the app to your mobile, log into the system, select the desired project and scan the participants’ codes. It’s also possible to connect Delegia Scan to a printer, to enable the printing of name tags.

  • Support available directly at the entrance, for the best possible logistics
  • Bar code readers, laptops and technicians on-site
  • Our helpdesk is there to support you
  • Efficient tool for entry and participant management
  • Delegia Scan, our app for simplified management of participants
  • You can manage simple confirmations, print out name tags and tickets
  • Scan the participants’ code numbers with the app
  • Print name tags easily by connecting the app to printers

Would you like to know more about the support we offer at your event, on-site and via an app? Get in touch with us now!