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With Delegia’s system, you simplify your work with event web building and registration pages, carry out mail shots and manage check-in on-site. You save time by handling the administration simply and effectively, before, during and after your event.

Gain full control of your participants!

We love great registration solutions. As a customer, we will help you to take full control of your participants. In Delegia’s system, we are currently keeping track of over 700,000 participants relating to various congresses, exhibitions, conferences and events.

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You subscribe to our system and manage it easily yourself. You always have access to telephone support and instruction at our online helpdesk. We help you to create successful events. Book a short, free web demo.

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Delegia is ranked as the Nordic region’s leading provider of IT tools for the meeting industry.

”A simple and logical system with great features”


Longterm International Delegia client


Easily managed registration pages, information and follow-up


Adaptable administration with great registration solutions


Easy-to-build and neat event pages


Straight forward process for contacting participants via SMS and e-mail


User friendly drag-and-drop function simplifies event web building


Create smart entry with Delegia Scan

At Delegia, we love great registration solutions (1) and neat and tidy administration of courses, conferences, expos, congresses and events. We have created a booking system making it easy for you to set up your own functional registration forms, build attractive event webpages (2) for every event and to manage communications with participants via an (3) efficient SMS and e-mail solution.

Our user-friendly templates with drag-and-drop functions (4) help you design functional and attractive webpages. Our app Delegia Scan (5) provides you with a smart entry solution. With us, you get an extensive supply of all the solutions you need to create and run a successful event, from the planning stage to implementation and follow-up. Get in touch and we can tell you more 🙂

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Delegia offers features which facilitate the work involved with the administration of Conferences, Exhibitions, Congresses and Courses. Read on to select the features that best suit your operation!

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