Update your participants via a dedicated event app

Give your event its own app! With the Delegia Mobile feature, your participants can view the entire content of your event on their smartphones, from the agenda and seminars, to maps and tickets. Or they can participate in interactive elements such as meeting booking, live voting and Twitter feeds.

There is no need for your participants to download a special app in advance of an event. You simply send out a link to your app via e-mail and/or SMS to every participant. They just click on the link in the message. The link is easily saved as a bookmark in the smartphone and may also be added with its own icon, to the phone’s home screen. It is an environmentally friendly and practical way of updating your participants and as the organiser, you save both paper and printing costs.

  • Delegia Mobile is an app customised for your event
  • You choose the information it will contain
  • Send invitations to the app via e-mail or SMS before the event
  • The app is opened via a link, with no need for further downloads
  • Bookmark it in the smartphone
  • The app also simplifies interaction with the participants during the event
  • Save money and the environment with lower printing costs and reduced paper consumption

Would you like to create a customised app for your participants? Contact us now!