Delegia’s solutions for digital meetings add value!

With Delegia’s platform solutions, your company or organization can hold meetings and events digitally, as hybrid events or as multi-site meetings. We and our partners help you plan, implement and create unique digital meetings such as trade fairs, seminars, congresses, conferences, annual meetings and much more!

Innovative solutions providing interactive experiences

Replacing large physical events with digital events is not easy. Being able to present online, or to communicate via a video platform, is not enough. The participants should get a memorable experience! And the digital event must be safe from prying eyes.

“To meet when you cannot meet –  much more than just video and sound (in Swedish)”

Efficient and professional service

We help you plan, create and carry out the meeting as per your needs. A modern digital meeting provides the same added value as a physical one. Or more.

“Embrace digital meetings – 7 ways they add value (in Swedish)”

Tailored to your needs

Would you like to present the meeting in 3D technology to create an overall impression that is similar to the physical? Maybe offer the visitor easy direct access to physical people via digital stands? Do you perhaps need a well-trained chatbot who kindly answers the participants’ questions 24/7 and without the need for a break?
No matter what your wishes are, Delegia is ready to support you in your transit to digital events.

“Meetings are necessary! Don’t cancel – adapt! (in Swedish)”

Delegia tracks and drives innovation in digital events. We now offer new and exciting solutions.

We enable organizations and companies to carry out digital events that provide added value. With Delegia’s professional solutions, you will among other things get the opportunity to:

Reach more users and audiences

Create stylish, engaging and interactive events

Communicate with participants via video and chat

Stream live video

Offer different levels of exhibitor functionality

Take advantage of effective measurement options and reuse of data

We love to help our customers adapt – let these exciting examples speak for themselves.

Take a look at two examples where Delegia has applied different functionality to create holistic digital experiences.

Saco Student fair 2020

Delegia supplied a complete and entirely digital student fair! The students could take part in all the functions and activities of a physical student fair – and a little more.

They could visit and contact different schools, talk to study counselors and school ambassadors, attend seminars, create a personal plan for their trade fair participation and much more. Delegia integrated video and chat functions in smart ways, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Startup and Innovation Fair

Delegia helped to realize Thailand’s first digital startup and innovation fair.

In a digital 3D meeting place, newly started and innovative companies met visitors in digital stands and communicated through chat.

In addition to the fair itself, there were separate digital rooms for live pitches in streamed video, consultation, job market, forums and much more.

Would you like to create your own successful digital event?

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