Build your own web page for your event

When you have planned your event, you need a great way to market it. With Delegia Event Web Builder, you can build your own simple web page for your event. You can insert images and the agenda for the event plus any other information useful for the participant to receive.

Using the Page Builder tool, you can create appealing event web pages for your activity, so your potential participants can find the information they require. You can easily set up your event page with text and image fields plus the headings you desire, with “drag-and-drop” functionality, without needing to know anything about HTML-coding.

  • An attractive tool for supporting the marketing of your event
  • A unique web page for your event that inspires and attracts potential attendees
  • Tailor your web pages with our easily managed tool, Page Builder
  • User-friendly layout function with drag-and-drop features
  • Easy to create own web without HTML-coding
  • Applicable for collating all kinds of information; text and image, agenda, calendar and more

Would you like to create your own event web pages? Get in touch with us now!